Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hungry Cellar 6-13-09

I know, its been almost 2 months since Hungry Cellar happened, but better late than never, right? We held it on my birthday. Our friends Stan and Deanna hosted it out on their property north of town. It was a gorgeous of the last cool ones where we wanted long sleeves. We had a bonfire after dinner. It was a fantastic night, and a perfect way to celebrate my new year. Alex and Dri played some lovely tunes among the lilies. Chloe Jones made some terrific thoughtful toasts. We had such an array of local produce to choose from. Aaron and I were up the night before until 5am making the homemade pasta for the green lasagnas. Not sure if we'll do that again....our apartment looked like a pasta factory. Grandma Violet would have been proud...she's my Italian granny who called boughten lasagna noodles "rubber straps". Our efforts were appreciated. Down to the last crumb of the just-churned-butter-milk birthday cake with wild gooseberry sauce, zabaglione, and the 2 black raspberries on each plate I procured the minute the farmer's market opened. At 7am. With barely 2 hours of sleep under my belt.