Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monarch Mountain

Well we are heading WEST! We left Lawrence on Saturday and got to Aaron's brother Levi's place in Salida, Colorado 14 hours later. The 1979 Toyota Chinook is loaded down as is the "Bruiser" so we averaged about 50 miles an hour. Plus, we've got a new family member.....an awesome new puppy "OSA". Our friends gave her to us on New Year's Day, pretty unexpected tho we had "put in our order" for one of Lucy's puppies when we left for Costa Rica....never expecting we would be so lucky. She is truly a great traveller, and tho we need to stop more often to stretch our legs and take bathroom breaks we are having a wonderful trip! We all went snow shoeing with Levi on Monarch Mountain which was such a stunning experience. Aaron carried Osa along in a pack and we all had a blast. We've been having such a good time with Levi and tho we are tempted to just move in with him we're sharing a cup of coffee right now and about to say adios. We'll try to keep you all posted but may not check in again until we get to California.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HAPPY 2008

Greetings from Minnesota. We've been visiting Kendra's family up here after a week spent in Hiawatha Kansas with Aaron's family. It has been really nice to be home with our family and friends spending some quality time with them all. Had sleepovers with all the nieces and an awesome time sledding with relatives on Sunday after a big dinner. Our tans are fading away, our skin is so dry after months of being in humidity, and we feel our Spanish going out the window too. We are heading back to Lawrence today to go through our stuff (its all stored in our friend Mel's basement)...we're packing up our two vehicles and moving west. We are heading towards the Santa Cruz area to begin a new chapter of art making and cooking. The ocean and the redwoods are calling us. Once we get settled we'll fill you all in on the details but wanted to shout out and say HAPPY NEW YEAR. We wish you all a very happy, healthy, inspired year of growth and prosperity.