Monday, July 21, 2008


My friend Jen is a producer for Hallmark magazine. She just returned from the central coast of California where the magazine did a shoot at Mas Masumoto's peach farm. There was a celebration for the 40th birthday of the Sun Crest peach which is a variety that we in the midwest don't ever see, as they are tree ripened and do not travel this far. Jen came back full of stories and inspiration. She also came back with a box of peaches. Words do not describe these beautiful delicious gems. They taste like pure, sweet, sunshine. Ah, California.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Day of Cake

On the 4th of July one of my best friend's father and his twin brother celebrated their 70th birthday. I was asked to make a cake for the party. I made a coconut cream cake with lemon lime curd between the 3 layers, "frosted" it with lemony whipped cream, covered it with toasted coconut and decorated it with citrus colored zinnias from the Farmer's Market and fresh basil from the garden. While I was in the kitchen, Aaron was in the basement making his own cake....out of cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls which he painted. It barely fit in the car. Sparklers gave it a birthday candle effect and it was really awesome! Happy Birthday Twins and Happy Birthday America!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Climbing the Ladder

After a move across the country, there are pieces to fit back together in order to determine the new shape of our lives. We are thrilled to be back in Lawrence and although it is familiar and comfortable in many ways, we are commited to creating new challenges, habits and patterns. We didn't travel this far to land right in the spot we left. As we search for jobs and opportunities to set the pace and flow of funds, I have to face head on the reality that the only ladder I'm meant to climb is the one right here in front of me. Its an imaginary ladder of sorts but its all about me setting new standards for my art, and seeking ways to sustain a lifestyle built on integrity and expression of spirit and soul. The universe is pushing me to walk my talk and TRUST that when you are doing what you really need to be doing, opportunity knocks.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the whole truth

Okay everybody, now that we've been back home for a couple weeks its time to tell the truth about WHY. Yes, we missed our families and friends. Yes, we want to contribute to the art community in the place we are from instead of being expats on the coast. Yes, we hope to actually stop renting in a year or so and buy a house which probably couldn't happen in California. Its true we almost didn't come back on account of the chiggers and the humidity. But the clincher? The icing on this cake? The midwest is the BEST place for pack rat junk collectors such as me. I've already gone to a handfull of flea markets and auctions and I am thrilled to be back at it. Keep in mind we haven't even moved into our place yet, so I've totally held back. Remember that phase I went through... wanting to be minimal? Was that really me? These pics are LOOKS like a treasure chest. We came across this joint in Oregon, and well......we walked away with nothing more than dirty hands from digging around. I swear.