Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Climbing the Ladder

After a move across the country, there are pieces to fit back together in order to determine the new shape of our lives. We are thrilled to be back in Lawrence and although it is familiar and comfortable in many ways, we are commited to creating new challenges, habits and patterns. We didn't travel this far to land right in the spot we left. As we search for jobs and opportunities to set the pace and flow of funds, I have to face head on the reality that the only ladder I'm meant to climb is the one right here in front of me. Its an imaginary ladder of sorts but its all about me setting new standards for my art, and seeking ways to sustain a lifestyle built on integrity and expression of spirit and soul. The universe is pushing me to walk my talk and TRUST that when you are doing what you really need to be doing, opportunity knocks.

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tracy said...

That kind of ladder-climbing is a tall order. Godspeed, my friend.