Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Ladies

Tonight I talked to my best lady Kjirsten on the phone. It made me miss her and her lil' family. I could hear Ezra and Ivan playing the electric piano in the background. Is it possible Ivan is teething and crawling? Ezra is WAY into (um, obsessed) with the alphabet and the complexities of not only cellphones but their manuals. This is enjoyable reading material for him. He is three! Almost four. Kjirsten and I got caught up for the most part on the ins and outs of our lives of late. Tho 1600 miles apart, we remain connected in a fierce way and seem to always be going through similar stuff.
Then I got a "Facebook" message from one of the few friends I made in Santa Cruz.... Edith. She has a top notch custom specialty cake baking business. Her cakes are elegant and gorgeous and so is she. Her and her husband have a lovely yard and they were very generous and allowed us to stop by and pick as many Meyer lemons as we wanted even when they weren't home. We are still eating the preserved lemons we made and brought back to Kansas in Mason jars.
These two "conversations" across the distance have me feeling happy yet slightly melancholy. I am very aware of the fact that I can only be in one place at a time and I can't have it all. Usually this is okay, but tonight I wish to be right there with Kiki, James and the boys to hear the piano concert in person. Then I would like to stop by Edith's for a piece of her Meyer lemon poppy seed cake and catch up.