Saturday, October 4, 2008

mi familia

A couple weekends ago my parents and Haley came to visit. I love how much my parents and my niece are real pals. They really do get along famously. I had a big catering gig but they had agreed prior to their arrival that they would gladly pitch in and help out. I couldn't have done it without them. Well, of course i COULD have, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun or stress-free. Mom helped with all kinds of tasks...peeling pears, baking cookies, flower arranging, and most appreciated was the washing of numerous sinkfuls of dirty dishes. Dad trimmed and chopped vegetables, and ran errands to pick up rental stuff, bread, etc. Aaron filled in all the gaps. Haley DJ'd the entire operation. It was a great success.

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kiki said...

Sounds like you gotta pull your parents out of retirement. And launch DJ Haley's worldwide career.