Wednesday, May 13, 2009

March into April into May

My friend Leslie AND my dad have now gotten "on my case" about needing to blog more. They are both right. Not only do I need to blog more, I need to write more in general. I do stop by the mailbox on my walk to work to send correspondence off at least once a week, its just that I used to write ALL THE TIME. I've been snapping pics at least, so I've got evidence of living.....a full, busy GOOD life. These are pictures taken in March, April and May of the garden. I audibly gasped yesterday when I went out there are saw how gorgeous the arugula and lettuce was. I picked a bunch as well as some cilantro and beet greens and made a delicious tossed salad and ate it with some very French peasant inspired radish sandwiches. perfect.


kiki said...

What an adorable little spot to grow things!

Maah said...

I did not know that radish sandwiches were French inspired. I learned, from my aunt, how delicious they are and remember her with fondness whenever I bite into one. She was German through-and-through.