Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Immersion into the New

Shouting out to all our friends and family over the sound of pouring rain on the roof. We're living the good life in Costa Rica. We've been here since October 12th and have had some incredible adventures already. We flew into San Jose, C.R. and immersed ourselves in the city for a couple of days until our friends Jake and Julia met up with us. The Central Market was our favorite place.
Pungent, fragrant, flavor, noise, crowded, dirt floor, raw meat, chicken feet, spices in every earthern hue, leather shoes, piles of fruit, spray painted blue flora next to vibrant ginger blossoms and cascading birds of paradise...chihuahuas in cages...the stench of piss....the freshness of cold blood sausage... aluminum cups adorned with roses...blocks of cheese....cones of sugar...heaps of empty straw Christmas mangers...open armed virgen Mary....wide eyed wise men...bundled chamomile...herbs and potions bottled and hanging in rainbows...clatter and clamor of the lunch crowd...cacaphony of conversations...synching with the blink of christmas lights...reflecting in mirrors...the energy and pulse conjuring the magic and madness of a carnival...
Our awe, amazement & curiosity propelled us down narrow crowded corridors, around in circles...our appreciation for this scene saturating and blurring our senses.

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