Wednesday, October 31, 2007

pipa for you. pipa for me

the coconut tree is my new favorite invention of god's. not only are they beautiful as they wrap the beaches, but i can walk up to any tree, anywhere down here and, with my trusty machete, whack a little pipa(young coconut) or three off for my beloved and machete technique improves daily. i have promised ken to keep both my thumbs. i'm tellin' ya'll this stuff's almost as good as a route 44 cherry limeade... its meat, juice, and milk are chock full of electrolytes, minerals, and other life givers. pacific islanders call it the treee of life. not only does this little tree feed and provide income for a 1/3 of the world population, it also contains healing qualities in its oil.oh,'s self propogating.that's right, a coconut hits the ground and without much effort sends roots down and sprouts up. how else do you reproduce all alone on those deserted islands? people, this technique is wasted on us. still takes two to tango.

1 comment:

Tim said...

they are also full of monkey cum.

sorry. blame the kids in the hall.