Friday, November 2, 2007

fountain of youth

ken was telling me about this man, who lived to be 117 years old. everyday up til the bucket got kicked, he went skinny dipping in the nile river(that's in egypt for those who struggle with geography.) the same guy got remarried at 99... to what i'm sure was a spicy honeymoon. point is these falls, which are a short walk from our house are my nile. everyday, naked in the spring water is the restoration the spirit needs to face another day of pura vida. i might even settle for seein' 115. this little spot is eden. moss growing over stones under a constant mist and calm pools to relax in away from current... here's to tan lines.


JOhn said...

What's the rent like in this place? I expect to hear documentation of the bird calls you two lovebirds perfect on a podcast any day now.

the latest in Lawrence:

Tim said...

wow. that is one white ass. at least kendra will be able to find you if you get lost in the jungle.