Sunday, November 4, 2007

fruta y hormigas.

Fruit and ants. Beyond the coconuts, pineapples, mangoes and bananas are many varieties of fruit that remain nameless to us. The unfamiliar become familiar and we now eat granadilla, cas, pejibaye, and more. We buy these mysterious gems at roadside stands and carefully slice into them, investigating their interiors. The beauties pictured here did not taste as good as they look. They served their purpose as a still life subject for a little sketchbook watercolor painting. The ants aren't quite as discerning and quickly covered them as they posed. The ants come from these crazy little towers and eat anything and everything sweet. And I really do mean anything and everything sweet.

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phil said...

good to read about your adventures there... man i miss that place. easily the closest thing to paradise i've seen in my short life. you get the internets in paradise? wow. really is el paraiso. get ya some yuca! stuff's amazing and just now cropping up here in kansas. love that root.