Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1 cerveza. 2 cerveza.

Living in Costa Rica has freed me from the paralysis we experience in the U.S. that can come from having too many choices. We feel it is our right to get to decide between 20 kinds of peanut butter or 3 aisles dedicated to morning cereals. Not in costa rica... and i mean right down to our beer. There are basically 2 choices: Imperial or Pilsen with Bavaria(strangely, this Germanic sounding cerveza is brewed right here) coming in a distant 3rd. Seriously. 2...Every cafe, bar, and convenience store in the country has a Pilsen or Imperial sign hanging out front, lit up like a beacon in an otherwise black jungle night.
You could do worse. I know I have at the Replay simply with a Pabst. These beers are refreshing and usually ice cold no matter where you get them. They are the beer you reach for following an afternoon full of mowing in July. Ken and I have gotten into a little habit after finishing up a day's work of painting at the school. We move on down to the neighborhood mercado for the goods. Then, we slowly make our way up our winding, axel- breaking road home sipping on Pilsens and munching on bags of locally made plantain chips(our favorite new food group.)
Sooo... the next time any of you beauties tip back an Oatmeal Stout or Boulevard pale take one attentive gulp for your poor, deprived friends in the tropics. salut!


leslie said...

Indeed, I'll send some thoughts south to the Marables during my next Oatmeal Stout. But think of us tonight-it was 18 degrees last night!

Happy Thanksgiving. Love your blog.

John said...

I had a fine beer in Baltimore on Thanksgiving eve. A fat pint of a smooth black beer at Brewer's Art: Proletary Ale. The glass was more slender and easier to grasp than the typical pint.

brandon said...

poor you!

I too love your blog.