Friday, November 9, 2007

living the dream

Last night I was visited by a strange dream in which there were 5 huge birds... in my mind they were Quetzals the sacred Mexican bird known for its colorful plumage and powerful presence in Mayan mythology. In the dream they each had one peacock feather on their backs. Very colorful. This morning, Aaron and I were driving down the road to leave our village for the day and a very colorful bird almost flew into the truck window. We pulled over to the side and got out... there were FIVE BEAUTIFUL TOUCANS perched in a tree-top!


noelle said...

just too good!!!!!!

leslie said...

Wow. Don't you feel like you're living in a cartoon? I remember the first time I saw a lemon tree. I just stood there, amazed. It seemed so unreal, those lemons, right there, falling on the ground and being ignored because there were so many of them. Clearly, if I'd seen toucans, I'd never recover. Am I a hick or what?!

John said...

Hey Hick,
I'm still in awe of the cork trees I found in San Diego. Trees of Nerf! I'm hoping to make a trip out there in January to make sure that they do indeed exist.