Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in the Tropics

This was the first time in 6 years that we didn't spend Thanksgiving with Aaron's family. When we talked to Grandma Gladhart she said there had been snow flurries and ice in Kansas. It was 80 degrees here and we were barefoot. We roasted a chicken we had gotten from this really inspiring, beautiful farm here. It is a bio-dynamic farm, which is a method of organic farming that integrates and emphasizes the relationships between soil, plants, and animals. This chicken was the best we have EVER eaten!

Our meal was very simple yet delicious...roasted chicken with garlic and rosemary, sweet potatoes, and a new recipe I call "Costa Rican Ensalada" which is just chopped tomato, avodado and cucumber with lime juice and "Chilero" our new favorite hot sauce. The food was completely local with the exception of our Chilean and French wine. Did we miss the traditional feast? Not really, though I did make up some devilled eggs in honor of Grandma Gladhart to keep that tradition alive.

We spent the afternoon playing cards, painting, and putting on a shadow puppet show. It was nice to spend the day alone but we did have one visitor. This scorpion! It was about 4 inches long, not including the tail. Its one thing to see these enshrined in a cast resin belt buckle or bolo tie, but ON THE WALL?!?!? Aaron calmly got out the "creature trap" which is an empty plastic bowl and the cardboard backing from a notebook. To date, he has extracted giant grasshoppers, roaches, spiders, centipedes, bats and scorpions with it. Just because we aren't scraping ice doesn't mean we don't have our own issues...


emarable said...

That chicken and sweet potatoes does really look good! Was thinking about you and wondering if you would get to have a dinner. Tom got to be home for Thanksgiving, but Emily had to work, so we had a wonderful dinner on Wednesday. Love your blogs!
Love you two!
Aunt Harriet

kiki said...

Kendra you look BeauTIFUL!! and so does that huge bird. Big as a turkey I'd say. So glad you didnt miss out on the huevos del diablo.
love you love you two!!

kiki said...

Ken you look so BEautIFUL!! and so does that huge bird, nearly big as a turkey, I'd say! glad you didnt miss out on the huevos del diablo!

Tim said...

the bird and vegetables look awesome. and you two are getting so hardcore. if i saw a scorpion like that on my wall, i would simply pray that crapping my pants was somehow going to remove it.


StarBlack said...

This is beautiful, so glad you are both living the life, Ky turned me onto this and I am green with envy. Stay there as long as you can-lovely.