Saturday, December 15, 2007

food for thought

We just finished our last painting project. We made this sign for the Mennonites that sell baked goods, goat milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. in our village every Friday. We traded them the sign for their goods and everyone was happy. George and Joel beamed when they saw the sign and said “This really means a lot.” Over the last 9 weeks we’ve used our art making abilities to bridge cultural gaps, create beauty and inspiration where it didn’t exist before and instigate conversation and connection.We now see our painting as a skill worthy of bartering and trading. Painting has rewarded us with overnight beachside stays, cafeteria meals, cinnamon rolls, beer, and respect in our community. In fact, tonight we are dining in a sweet little french joint because the woman who runs it saw a little drawing in our sketchbook and was willing to trade a meal for it. All proof that not all artists starve.

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