Monday, June 30, 2008


Weather is a big obsession for my family in Minnesota. Conversations often begin with "I hope it rains today." Or, "I hope it doesn't rain today." There are many variations such as "I hope it rains today....a nice gentle rain". And on and on. I've been paying attention to the clouds lately. Maybe my cloud gazing is the residual after-effects of being the daughter of a woman who (according to my dad) has a crush on the automated weatherman robot on the radio. Being with my family this summer reinforced that my parents are obsessed with what falls from the sky. Here are some of my cloud pictures I took while on the road from the west to the midwest.


tracy said...

Beautiful vistas!

I'm glad to hear your mom has a crush on the robot weatherman. Now I don't feel so bad about my crush on the animated version of Speed Racer.

leslie said...

Kendra, these photos are gorgeous. Did you know the Percolator is having a cloud show in late August??