Thursday, January 8, 2009

The last bite of fruitcake

The holidays may be over but we still have our tree up. Its a dead branch we found down by the river, painted it white and hung beautiful ornaments from. One of these days I will be compelled to take it down, pack each little glass bird and acorn in paper and wrap up the wooden snowflakes. I have to admit that it was just this evening that I finished off the fruitcake my mom sent. Delicious. Its my grandma's recipe. If you aren't a fan of fruitcake you won't understand. So because I'm literally and figuratively still digesting the holidays, here are some images from the season.

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Christy said...

Take a photo of your tree if you can. I love inventive approaches to holiday trees (we decorate an old 1940s dress form with evergreen branches, lights, and ornaments . . . our next-door neighbors bundle the sticks they have trimmed from a mature tree each year: a perfectly conservationist Christmas).

Great to meet you back in December! I hope you're surviving the cold (it's racing its way toward us in Chicago).