Monday, February 22, 2010

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too.

Tonight I was sorting through photos and found this documentation of two cakes I made this past year. In August, my friend Christina called and asked if she could hire me to make her husband John's birthday cake. Having just returned from the berry patch, John got a chocolate blackberry cake with blackberry earl grey buttercream icing. As they are both architects I knew they would appreciate the statue of Jefferson perched in the center. In December, John returned the gesture by putting me to work on a cake for Christina. As it was cold and dreary, my agenda was to create the most cheerful, bright vision of birthday celebration. I made a lemon coconut cake layered with tart lemon curd and coconut cream, adorned with edible snapdragons and rose petals. I have always been enthusiastic about birthday celebrations. I'm glad others are too!


tracy said...

These are GORGEOUS!

JOhn said...

Gorgeous and delicious!