Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Home is where the art is

The home. The abode. The domicile. The dwelling. Our place is a quarter of the size of our Rhode Island joint, but since we have about a quarter of our possessions it feels just right. We are learning the advantages of minimalism. This is quite noteworthy for those of you who know our collecting tendencies. As for the studio...I'm convinced if it weren't for Kendra and Osa I could live out there with a cot and space heater. For food I could run out and grab the unconcious squirrels who've just fallen the 200 feet down from the redwoods in the yard. They would be battered and pan fried on my hot plate(one final luxury) before they ever knew they had hit the ground...or I could just stay in our cozy home where Kendra cooks up inspiration in each attempt. Far, far away from those squirrels.

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