Saturday, February 2, 2008

wigwam warmth

"Have you stayed in a wigwam lately?" was what the sign read. My sorry answer to myself was "no" followed by a quick "and why not?" The most obvious reason being because I've never been to Holbrook, AZ. And to be honest had I not missed the first exit because of yapping to my brother on the phone, I would never have truly known a night's pleasure in a concrete teepee. This place was unbelievable. The fading neon signs and old lodge-like feel to the front lobby followed by the sweetest owner, Carol, reminiscing about robert redford staying across the way while a movie was being shot on the very grounds we were about to sleep on. Junked out '57 chevys , classic station wagons, and worn tow trucks were strategically placed around the gravel parking lot. The rooms were octagonal and still furnished(thankfully) with the same objects that were placed in them at their conception. All was well for the road ragged trio(don't forget our pup, osa) as we sipped from a bottle of belgium brew and watched the most psychedelic musical I've ever seen staring james cagney and a slew of dancers and synchronized swimmers all being choreographed to make us feel a bit beside ourselves. the little heater ticked away as the temperature outside dipped to near zero and a crew of photographers and models prepared for a german magazine shoot on the cold grounds the following day.


fifi malakiki said...

oh my GOD! i LOVE it!!!! i wanna stay in a wigwam motel, circa extra-cool!!!!

tracy said...

We stayed in one in Kentucky, near Mammoth Caves. It still had its original faux-rustic furniture. A formative experience.

Mrs. Pierson said...

I just saw this place on PBS's Roadside Revelations.