Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Okay, so let me just boast a little about our lil' pup Osa. We became proud parents on New Year's Day. "OSA" is short for MIMOSA, the classic New Year's Day beverage. She's also named after Osa Johnson the admirable Kansan who was a stylish young pioneer who explored the wilds of Africa and beyond in the early part of the 20th century with her wildlife filmmaker husband Martin. Other "Osa" references are the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica which is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, and of course "Osa" in spanish means female bear.
Osa turns 3 months this week, so she's still growing and changing and learning a lot. She's getting longer and more hot dog like. We've got her potty trained. She rings a string of bells hanging from the doorknob when she needs to go out. Now we need to figure out how to determine whether or not she really needs to go out to do her thing or to just gnaw on branches, sniff around and explore outside. Not that she shouldn't do those things, but she needs all her shots before we can relax about that a little more.
We took her to the vet today for a shot and heartworm pill, the vet runs his office out of a biodiesel fueled bus next to a solar powered biodiesel refuel station. Only in California. So we've been bit by puppy love...it's crazy. Having a puppy is one of the most demanding yet rewarding things ever. Now I'm even more in awe of people with children. And parents with dogs? wow.


leslie said...

My god she's darling. Too cute! And Bea will ask this, I'm sure, but does she walk "like she's wearing clackety shoes"?

fifi malakiki said...

all three o' yous!

(i have same hat as you, ken, but in red! snow white and rose red, yo!)

life's lookin' mighty fine over yonder. yeah!
big kisses from snowy winterwonderland toronto.....xnx

fifi malakiki said...

Osa's ears are the bomb!
(you must spend endless hours blissed out, fondlin')