Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rain and Redwoods

Aaaaaah. We've finally landed. 2,200 miles later, we are unpacking and settling into our new little nest in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains. We totally lucked out. I was at a coffeeshop poring over Craigslist rentals while Aaron and Osa went to get stamps. Our puppy Osa is a magnet and she attracted the attention of a woman in the post office whom coincidentally happened to have a place she wanted to rent. Long story short, we seriously scored an amazing place. Its a one bedroom cottage in the redwoods, tons of trees as well as gardens, patio and landscaping. A separate art studio just 15 steps out the front door with an orange tree in front of it. We are sinking our teeth into art making and its so exciting to feel the new inspiration of this place. The town we live in, Brookdale is tiny. Its 10 miles north of Santa Cruz and about 70 miles south of San Francisco. There are lots of quirky things to explore as well as the NATURAL is overwhelming how these trees make me feel. The air is so fresh and wet and it is just GREEN everywhere you turn. We went to the beach the other day and had a terrific little picnic on the sand. It was cold and windy but we had to celebrate our arrival to the western edge of the continent.

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fifi malakiki said...

you guys ROCK! the universe is your co-pilot! kisses from snowy Canada....xxnx