Wednesday, February 27, 2008

gray day

I am in my infancy of understanding the coastal weather. Living by an ocean brings new problems in meteorology. We set out for a nice little jaunt around our neck of the woods because, hey, its a fine day.Sun and all. Five miles later the light is blue grey, and the wipers are on. The thing don't really mind because the air still smells like the ocean and a chilly, wind-blown beach is still a beach. These shots were taken during a return trip from berkeley along highway one. There was a trio of eleven year old girls at this beach who were swimsuited and screaming in ridiculous abandon that comes only in childhood while sitting down and letting waves bowl you over. It was fifty degrees out there. It is not the meek who inherit the kingdom. It's the brave.
We came across this dairy that stole us back to the midwest. It was located in a small town built off the side of a road which was designated as a tsunami escape route.
Speaking of escape routes,
A lot of love is being sent to Fern and John Wolney of Hiawatha, Ks. We wish for John to be blessed with a speedy recovery.

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